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Ryan Plummer


Whitney Hurt

Associate Principal/Special Education Director

Austin Lewis

Activities Director/Assistant Principal

Paul Newland

Associate Principal

Sidney High School Staff

Kelle Dillehay-School Counselor

Shawn Dillehay- Physical Education
Scot Anderson -  Social Studies
Marcus Bish - Computer Science, Business

Karsen Dingman - Special Education

Sarah Bish - Math

Paul Newland- Physical Education
Ashley Fehringer - Business Education

Mackenzie Ivie - English

Cody Hofrock - Alternative Education/Physical Education

Silke Hunker - Math
Tanya Lewis - English, Journalism
Elise Kreikemeier - Woods, Construction

Daria Dart- Art
David Mead  - Vocal Music, Instrumental Music

Jennifer Mead  - Vocal Music, Instrumental Music
Erin Mueller
- Special Education

Niki Dolan - Special Education

Jacob Muir - Social Studies
Kate Waite- English

Melissa Payne - Careers/Social Studies

Montana Markus- Agriculture
Randy Woodis- Auto, Metals, Welding
Lacey Russell - Design/ Work Based Learning
Becky Sager - Science
Seth Schuessler - Science
Tyler Shaw - Science
Caleb Sweetser - Math

Maria Gillham- FCS, Human Sciences

Cindy Curtis - Food Service Director
Kaylee O'Connell- Para Educator

Jennifer Ramsey- Media Center

Megan Havorka - Counseling Secretary/ Alt. Ed. Supervisor

Allie Juelfs- School Counselor

Ashley Fritz- School Nurse

Matt McKay - Director of IT Services & Education, SRTV

Jason Noel - IT Help Desk

Teri Gabel - Custodian

Teresa Rood- High School Secretary

Heidi Ahrens - High School Activities Secretary

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We believe that all students deserve and are entitled to a balanced, student-focused education of the highest quality.



We believe that education must provide the skills and knowledge necessary to seek opportunities in an ever-changing world.

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