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Student Development and Challenge Days


At West, we believe that students need to be put in situations where they need to be able to rely on each other by working together and learning from one another. We take pride in our monthly program called "student development" which is geared towards how to handle difficult situations such as name calling, bullying, friendships, work ethic, forward thinking and much more!  

Our challenge days are set up for students to be given a problem without easy solutions and teach them how to work together.



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West Elementary is the grade level attendance center for all 5th and 6th graders in Sidney with an approximate total attendance of 180 students. Students benefit from 90-minute blocks of instruction for Reading and Math and departmentalized instruction for the other core subjects. A full gamut of Special courses are offered each week including Art, Guidance, Library and Computer Skills, as well as Music and Physical Education. Special Education students receive the majority of their instruction in the classrooms with assistance. All students have access to individual assistance through para-educators and volunteers. Students have the opportunity to access a before and after school tutoring programs for extra assistance. Standardized test scores continue to be well above the national average.  Click on the graphic above to visit the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION website.