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About the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization for high school students that promotes leadership, service, character, and scholarship. There are over one million students participating in NHS activities today, in all 50 states and territories of the United States.




The National Honor Society was started in 1921 by an association of principals. It was the first honor society created across the country. At almost 100 years old, the NHS is one of the most well-known educational and leadership groups.

The Sidney National Honor Society was first introduced in 1955.  This year will be their 68th year running. They have established a name throughout the town and continue to help the community. They went a year without any officers and started officers in 1956. There were originally only four officers; the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The fifth officer was introduced later on. The first sponsor was Carroll Swift.

How National Honor Society Started

How the Sidney National Honor Society Started

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